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Interzum, Cologne, 16th to 19th May 2017

Adaptable storage: Kesseböhmer focuses on doors

When is a door more than just a door? Think of your fridge; the most convenient place to store things is in the door where you can reach everything the moment you open the door. This is the thinking behind the new door shelves that Kesseböhmer is unveiling at the Interzum from May 16 to 19, 2017 in Cologne. The shelf set, “Tandem side”, has height-adjustable trays and baskets making it as adaptable as any user could wish. Optically it harmonizes with the design of the kitchen as a whole.

The idea of making better use of the door for storage is as simple as it is brilliant. The “Tandem side” door shelf in all its variants closes a gap between conventional cabinet interiors with shelves and a complete functional fitting that makes the most effective use of storage space. Designed as a modular system, a “Tandem side” can be configured by the user for maximum convenience and quick and easy access to frequently-used items.

The basic frame is easily attached to the door. Even this simple element shows Kesseböhmer’s competence in metal processing and surface finishing. Well aware of long-term colour trends, the company offers “Tandem side” fittings powder coated in anthracite. Kitchen maker can choose how many storage levels they want to hook onto the frame. And they can choose among “Arena classic” trays with a round wire railing, “Arena style” trays with flat metal railings, wire baskets or “YouboXx” storage boxes in various sizes and shapes, which can be positioned anywhere.

All the trays and storage levels can be positioned at any height. The different elements can be hooked on and lifted off with a flick of the wrist.

The “YouboXx” containers are as flexible as the other elements. They can be mixed and matched, arranged and rearranged to suit individual preferences. One innovation from Kesseböhmer is to offer the “YouboXxes” as defined sets configured to suit typical everyday situations. At the Interzum, the classic porcelain white “YouboXxes” will be joined by new anthracite versions matching the colour of the trays and the metal frame.

“Tandem side” is available for cabinet inside heights from 600, 800, 1100 and 1700 mm, so that it fits almost any door for tall, wall and base units currently on the market. Because of the fitting’s carefully chosen depth, the “Tandem side” door shelf is also ideal as a storage solution in equipment cupboards with shortened shelves.

Kitchen manufacturers also benefit from the fact that a “Tandem side” is compatible with other Kesseböhmer products. As a modular system, it can also be combined with the regular “Tandem” storage pull-out.

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