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Holz-Handwerk, Nuremberg, 21st -24th March 2018

Compact in design and function: Homapal develops a board capable of multitasking

On one side shiny-smooth with magnet and board marker function, on the other side matt and, furthermore, in projection-screen quality – these are the characteristics of the new, two millimetre thick compact Homapal „Magnet“ board from Homapal, which will be making its debut at the Holz-Handwerk trade fair in Nuremberg from 21st to 24th March 2018. With this product, the company is responding to the desire of many customers for a board equipped on both sides, both in multifunctional A-class quality.

Magnetic boards from Homapal have proven invaluable in conference rooms, design and architecture studios, educational establishments, in shop-fitting applications and in the kitchen. Thanks to an iron foil embedded in the laminate, even heavy utensils can attached to the board. Along with their high magnetic fixing strength, they can also be written on with standard board markers; everything can be removed again without a trace using a dry cotton or micro-fibre cloth. In addition, the surface „8207“ in white with a matt finish – and therefore reflecting very little light – is also ideal as a projection screen.

Cost savings and fast mounting

Now that both sides of a 2 mm thick, hard-wearing compact board are equipped with such functions, there are even more benefits for the customer. First of all, the product can be used immediately; a substrate material is not necessary, there are no supporting material costs. Also, the board can be affixed without effort or additional costs: either glued directly onto the wall or with just one attachment rail.

The compact „Magnet“ board is available in the size 2,440 x 1,220 mm, 20 pieces per pallet.

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Caption: One product, both sides can be used, and each with up to three functions: Homapal presents the new compact "Magnet" board at the Holz-Handwerk 2018 trade fair. Photo: redpixel

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