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Kesseböhmer@Home, 4 to 7 May 2021

From ladder shelving unit to interior design system

Originally launched as a steel ladder element for shelving units, “YouK” now serves as a starting point for fitters to transform into a richly variable furniture and interior design system using a broad range of customised additions. Whether in a kitchen or bathroom, dining room, living room or child’s bedroom, utility, cellar or cloakroom in the hallway – “YouK” lays the foundations to introduce the modern and functional industrial style into any living area.

In May 2021, Kesseböhmer will be picking up on the subject of ladder shelving units to demonstrate the inspirational development potential hiding behind the system with customer solutions fitted into it. Meanwhile, the starting point endures: a basic frame system made of high-quality steel in five different heights (between 550 and 2,210 mm), two depths (200 and 320 mm) and the jet black coloured microstructure thrives on the individuality of customised shelves and the arrangement and combination of the ladders on the wall.

“K2Build”: Support from initial idea to marketing

Kesseböhmer now intends to use its “K2Build” concept to support retailers from the initial idea of a customised “YouK” composition through customer advice, planning, material lists and implementation to target-group specific marketing. This is a full package, which is a bit like a cake mix for a specific planning situation. This means that Kesseböhmer won’t just be supplying the necessary metal parts such as ladders, clothes rails or racks, hook strips or umbrella stands, but will also consider the ideas of the customer who can substantially enhance the system in terms of function, practicality and design with extra elements that are easy to hook in or simple to fit. “K2Build” is a full set of inspirations, dimensioned configurations, CAD datasets for the entire design and processing aids in the form of furniture part lists and assembly instructions.

A ladder opens up its own product world with greater functionality. That is the idea behind “YouK”. This means the industrial style shelving system plus a customer’s units have the potential to become a fully-fledged set of wall units. With a table top inserted, it becomes a home office or co-working space.

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Caption 1: In May 2021, Kesseböhmer will take up the topic of the ladder shelving units to illustrate in an inspiring way the development potential that lies behind the system with customer solutions based on it. With the "K2Build" concept, the dealer is accompanied from the initial idea of an individual "YouK" composition through customer consultation, planning, material listing and realisation to target group-oriented marketing. Photo: Kesseböhmer

Caption 2: Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, dining room, living room or children's room, utility room, cellar or as a coat rack in the hallway - "YouK" lays the foundation for modern and functional industrial style to move into all living areas. Photo: Kesseböhmer

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