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SICAM Pordenone, 15. – 18. October 2019

Helping the workplace fit the worker: Intelligent ergonomic technology by Kesseböhmer at SICAM

With an exhibit space significantly larger than last year’s, Kesseböhmer Ergonomics returns to SICAM from October 15 to 18. The company, based in Weilheim an der Teck, is coming up against the substantial interest of Italian furniture manufacturers, which was already on display in 2018. In Pordenone, the height-adjustable desk and table specialist demonstrates its accumulated expertise in ergonomic office furniture technology. This includes effortless lift columns, innovative control systems for tabletops and entire facility management solutions. 

Does constant deskwork produce back problems? Kesseböhmer Ergonomics has powerful arguments to confront this widespread phenomenon of our modern society, which often harks back to school days. The technology for modern height-adjustable workplaces places health maintenance in focus. At SICAM, the company adopts the slogan “Keep moving” to present its innovations, which ensure that the workplace fits the worker.

Hardware for flexible office furniture

The work table as a single-worker option or part of a teamwork solution accommodating two, four or more team members working in tandem, a group workspace that can be converted with a single hand motion into a lifting whiteboard for a presentation and then rolled off for space-saving storage, lounge tables to create a creative atmosphere  – modern solutions that quickly adjust to individual employees and their tasks.

At Kesseböhmer Ergonomics, effortless, quiet and continuous height adjustment is the primary concern – either electric-powered with a collision-avoidance sensor or in an “unplugged” drive option with pneumatic spring. Slender columns conceal the latest hydrolift technology that allows tables to be raised, lowered and locked in place with the slightest pressure. 

High-end solutions for the workplace and facility management

In combination with technological interfaces, Kesseböhmer Ergonomics offers solutions that adjust to the ever-changing array of office furnishings. “YOYO smart ergonomics” links the increasing requirements for flexibility and cost efficiency with ergonomic demands.

Using an intuitive smartphone- or tablet-based user interface or the desktop shortcut on a PC, employees can control table, chair and lighting to quickly achieve their own ergonomically optimized work position. The app also provides regular reminders to “keep moving”.

If the employee moves to another location, individualized ergonomic settings go along: the app instantly adjusts the new work environment to employee preferences. In the “YOYO” program’s latest innovations, Kesseböhmer Ergonomics has incorporated lock box management and a light that signals the workplace’s status to co-workers.

The software and hardware system platform also offers worldwide company workplace reservation that integrates individual health maintenance components. And it achieves transparency in the use of office space. Through the use of standard interfaces, new ergonomic elements are incorporated into existing IT infrastructure. With “YOYO smart ergonomics”, the furniture manufacturer opens the door to company facility management.

Premiere at SICAM: Focus on assembly

In the future, Kesseböhmer Ergonomics will feature tight “SnapX” click connections to ensure rapid assembly without the need for tools.

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