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EuroShop, Dusseldorf, 16 to 20 February 2020

Homapal goes horizontal: New market segments for the laminate manufacturer

The difference is even obvious to the naked eye: „Scratch-Resistant Matt“, SRM for short, is the name of Homapal’s new highly scratch-proof matt surface with the anti-fingerprint finish now making its debut at Euroshop 2020 in Dusseldorf. This is opening up new market segments for the laminate manufacturer.

„Scratch-Resistant Matt“ is suitable for horizontal use in line with duty class 3 under EN 438-3:2016 (HGS), e.g. in exhibition-stand construction and shop fitting, for counters in bars and restaurants, on desks and work surfaces in the office, but also in the contract segment, such as in hotels.

Entirely in keeping with the spirit of the time, „Scratch-Resistant Matt“ is provided on selected on-trend decors, such as aluminium, copper and brass in various textures and colours, like taupe, champagne or gold, as well as on magnetic boards in the plain colours of macchiato, light grey, stone grey and white.

The special technique creates an ultra-matt look with anti-fingerprint function and unique impression of depth. The manufacturing process produces an extremely abrasion-proof surface with regular and, on this basis, hard-wearing textures in high-end quality.

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Caption: Lovely to look at, stunning effect: the new, highly scratch-proof matt surface from Homapal is called "Scratch-Resistant Matt", SRM for short, and also comes with anti-fingerprint finish. Photo: Homapal

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