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SICAM Pordenone, 18. – 21. October 2022

Kesseböhmer’s “K-Line”: Quality at entry level, solutions for the utility room

A comprehensive fittings family, which responds to the demand for quality and functionality and therefore represents the entry into the world of Kesseböhmer kitchen products. This is “K-Line”. However, its unpretentious and flat design vocabulary also flows into a comprehensive functional and modular range for the utility room.

Kesseböhmer is delivering a new range in “K-Line” which is quite distinct from the core range. Functionality was the sole focus during development. At the same time, “K-Line” has a contemporary minimalist look, flat, linear and harmoniously rounded at the corners. It is a consistently recurring theme in all types of unit. Anthracite matt and silver will initially be the standard colours to choose from. Kesseböhmer is using the name affixes “base” and “side” to distinguish the fittings groups for the individual types of unit from each other.

Larder and base unit solutions

“Base” refers to the new fittings for base units from 20 to 40 cm unit width. “K-Line base 200”, “300” and “400” each consist of two trays connected to one another in the accustomed quality. An additional tray creates additional storage space in units with a clear height from 715 mm. The user benefits from fully synchronised full-extension pull-outs, quiet storage thanks to closed bases and from runners with cushioned self-closing mechanisms. The diagonal line of the runners ensures greater lateral stability for wider pull-outs. There is a simple and precise 3D adjustment for the front panel in the base unit.

For 300 and 400 base units, Kesseböhmer also offers a baguette and bottle pull-out.  Two or three large baguettes can be stored in the bread bag. Behind, the pull-out offers space for especially tall bottles and items, so they are easy to reach since the tray does not hide them.

Kesseböhmer is also introducing the flat design into the narrow 150 mm base unit with “No. 15 3D-X K-Line”. As a genuine “No. 15 3D-X” it has the accustomed “ClickFixx” mounting and toolless 3D front panel adjustment.

Kesseböhmer developed the “K-Line side” door shelf as a functional and likewise retrofittable solution for larder and base units. The support rails for trays and functional elements are screwed to the side panel or inner door for this purpose.

The range is complemented by a tray in the “K-Line” design, which is compatible with any “Dispensa” fittings. The new variant is a flexible addition to the range. For instance, in combination with the “YouBoXx” storage containers, it transforms a “Dispensa Junior slim” into a multifunctional fitting à la “Cooking Agent” underneath a cooker.

Utility room range

In addition, “K-Line” offers versatile combinations, creating the basis for a modular range of Kesseböhmer products that caters for any applications in utility rooms. Brooms and vacuum cleaners can be stowed away in the larder unit, simple shelves can be put in or useful features can be installed. The range of accessories includes hook strips mounted on the top or side panels, brackets for bags or a vacuum cleaner hose, a removable basket for cleaning products, a wall-mounted universal basket and lots more. Right next to them, laundry and cleaning products, spare and small parts all find their way into the “K-Line side” door shelf. The support rails can be fitted with trays or “YouBoXx” storage containers, which are height adjustable on the vertical rails. “K-Line side” for base units is ideal for the handy storage of washing up utensils under the sink.

Behind the name “K-Line” there is a space-saving packaging and clever mounting concept which means the fittings can be installed in next to no time. At the same time, Kesseböhmer was able to reduce the warehousing space, especially for base units, by about two thirds.

Images in high resolution

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Caption 1: K-Line base. Photo: Kesseböhmer
Caption 2: K-Line base. Photo: Kesseböhmer
Caption 3: K-Line utility room. Photo: Kesseböhmer
Caption 4: K-Line utility room. Photo: Kesseböhmer

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