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Holz-Handwerk, Nuremberg, 21st -24th March 2018

Permanently spotless: Homapal demonstrates the award-winning „Infiniti“ anti-fingerprint surface in Nuremberg

Homapal is presenting a German Design Award winner at the Holz-Handwerk trade fair from 21st to 24th March 2018. An international expert has rated the anti-fingerprint surface as being particularly innovative and ground-breaking in the German and International design scene, and awarded the Formica Group and Homapal the prestigious Gold Award in the category „Excellent Product Design – Material and Surfaces“ in February 2018. Visitors to the Nuremberg trade fair will have the chance to be impressed by its properties.

„Infiniti“ is a highly technical matt surface developed by the Formica Group Innovation Team in Cincinnati, USA, and remains clean and retains its spotless characteristics for a long time with very little care and maintenance. Its name refers to its long service life – the result of a patent-registered hardening process and resin systems of the next generation. Micro-structures defuse light and ensure an elegant matt finish that feels warm and silky soft. It protects against scratches and abrasion as well as fingerprints, because it dissipates moisture until it evaporates. Homapal customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have exclusive access to this award-winning product via the Herzberg facility.

„Formica Infiniti“ is suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications in heavily frequented areas – in retail stores, in the hotel and restaurant industry and in offices. Walls, doors, bars, reception desks, shelves, desks and other furniture can be individually designed with special decorative effects. The material can be post-formed and is exceptionally durable; micro-scratches can be removed thermally. Various system partners stock a selection of edges with identical anti-fingerprint qualities.

The anti-microbial properties of „Formica Infiniti“, with its high resistance to chemicals, ensure that the surface is also suitable for use in hygiene-sensitive applications, in hospitals, care homes and laboratories.

Alongside the malleable original high pressure laminate „Formica Laminate“ (0.7 mm), „Formica Infiniti“ is also available in a solid compact board version, „Formica Compact“ (6, 8, 10, 12 mm) with a black core, and in a through-dyed colour core version, „ColorCore“ (1.3 mm), and in a flame retardant version. The board dimensions are 3.050 x 1.300 mm.

„Formica Infiniti“ blends harmoniously into every surrounding and plays in harmony with other materials. The collection includes 20 decors, of which 17 are well-known uni colours from the standard collection, and three are innovations: „Neo Cloud“, „Neo Cyclone“ and „Neo Tornado“.

Eva Hörnisch, responsible for product design as the Creative Product Director at the Formica Group, describes the trend towards matt in anti-fingerprint surface applications: „Matt has become a sought-after finish. Thanks to the low level of reflection, nothing distracts from the authentic tone. The colour is shown in its entire fullness and depth.“ The broad colour palette of „Infiniti“ is unrivalled on the anti-fingerprint surface market, explains Hörnisch.

German Design Award

The German Design Award enjoys a high reputation in the public eye. This is not least due to the reputation of its sponsor, the German Design Council, which has been representing the German design scene for 64 years. During the exhaustive nomination process, only products that demonstrably differentiate themselves from competitors thanks to their design quality are invited to take part in the competition.

The awards Gold, Winner and Special Mentions are issued in the various categories of the segments Excellent Product Design and Excellent Communication Design. „Infiniti“ from Formica asserted itself in the criteria functionality, degree of innovation, product aesthetics as well as technical function and quality.

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Caption: Accepting the German Design Gold Award together for the "Infiniti" anti-fingerprint surface in Frankfurt in February 2018: Hans-Helmut Tolksdorf, Homapal Sales Director, and Eva Hörnisch, Group Creative Product Director of the Formica Group. Photo: Homapal

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