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Kesseböhmer@Home, 4 to 7 May 2021

Pull-outs, drawers & now niches too

With two new entry-level product ranges, Holzwerk Rockenhausen has created high-quality alternatives to the plastic cutlery inserts so often used as standard in kitchen drawers. Moreover, in addition to drawers and pull-outs, the company also has the kitchen niche in its sights for the first time in the 2021 Interzum year. The new solutions for kitchen organisation are indicative of responsible handling of the resources used and a high regard for wood as a raw material. 

A cutlery insert in either “Black ash” or “Light oak” with three horizontal dividers forms the basis for “HoLite”. This means that drawers can be fitted universally: in carcase widths of 300 to 1,200 mm and the standard depths of 472 and 479 mm, with optional depth extenders. The base is completely covered, ensuring a homogeneous look. Movable partition dividers across two or three compartments enhance the system. They can be supplied in various types and colours of wood but also aluminium, steel or plastic. A double-sided knife block and foil holder accessories complete the “HoLite”. 

Six components for five sets – “Easy” to understand and use 

Cutlery and multifunctional insert, wide and narrow adjustable bases, multifunctional unit and push-in dividers: the new “EasyLine” modular organisation system does not need any more than six components to configure five sets which universally cater for all drawer widths and fit into any kitchen regardless of manufacturer or carcase design.

Set 1, comprising a multifunctional insert and space for an accessories section, fits into 300 mm wide drawers. Set 2 consists of a cutlery insert and two narrow adjustable bases for drawers from 400 to 500 mm width – in comparison, Set 3 is designed for 500 to 600 mm wide drawers and consists of the cutlery insert with multifunctional unit and additional space for an accessories section.

800 to 900 mm wide drawers and pull-outs can be fitted with Set 4. This includes a cutlery insert with multifunctional unit, a narrow adjustable base, a wide adjustable base, two insertable dividers and space for three accessories sections. And finally for widths of 1,000 to 1,200 mm, Set 5 offers a cutlery insert with multifunctional unit, two wide adjustable bases, four insertable dividers and space for five accessories sections. The accessories include a cross-shaped divider, spice insert, knife block, foil holder and two boxes for pull-outs.

Totally in keeping with Holzwerk Rockenhausen’s philosophy, “EasyLine” is available in any type and colour of wood but also in the sustainable “OrganiQ” material, which was developed in-house. The system fits into pull-outs and drawers with a standard depth of 472 mm. For interior depths of 479 or 622 mm, there is an additional depth extender of 7 or 150 mm respectively. 

“NicheTop”: Stylish niche organisation 

Simple, flexible, variable. Building on these characteristics, Holzwerk Rockenhausen is tapping into a new segment for the first time in May 2021 with the “NicheTop” system for organising niches. The two carcases with different dimensions – S in 175 x 445 x 140 mm, M in 335 x 445 x 140 mm (W/H/D) – can either be placed in the niche or hung up, even retrospectively, regardless of grid dimensions and without fitting.

The “NicheTop” carcases are made from solid wood and the details that are on show reveal their solid workmanship. Depending on their intended use, there are various front panels to choose from: as a chopping board with the knife block, a designer front panel with asymmetrical line pattern, magnetic or with jet black blackboard paint for writing on.

The versatile accessories which can be fitted into the carcases are imaginative. For instance, there is a folding knife block or cutlery insert for safe storage and instant access, a drying rack for sparkling soda bottles with a drip tray and lid holder, insertable bases for storage containers or spice jars, drawer containers in various sizes and with contents labels as well as storage containers or individual bags made from washable paper with a practical seal, which are useful when it comes to the subject of unpackaged foods, which is ever gaining relevance.

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Caption 1: The new "EasyLine" organiser kit does not need more than six components to configure five sets that fit into all pull-outs and drawers. "EasyLine" is available in all wood types and colours, but also in "OrganiQ". Photo: Rockenhausen

Caption 2: A cutlery insert with three horizontal bars forms the basis for "HoLite". This allows drawers to be fitted throughout: in cabinet widths from 300 to 1,200 mm. Freely positionable dividers extend the system. A double-sided knife block and a foil holder complement "HoLite" as accessories. Photo: Rockenhausen

Caption 3: With "NicheTop", Holzwerk Rockenhausen is also taking aim at the organisation of the kitchen niche for the first time. Photo: Rockenhausen

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