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INTERZUM Cologne, 21. – 24. May 2019

Recharged as if by magic: Homapal presents wireless charging technology integrated in laminate

Practical helper, communication base, entertainer – the smartphone is, quite simply, an everyday companion. But it is only of any use if it is sufficiently charged. In future, restaurants, hotels, public bodies with waiting areas or offices could provide a convenient and user-friendly charging service – without in any way compromising on interior design. Because Formica Group, Cincinnati, is integrating the latest „Intentek“ wireless and all-device charging technology into the laminate surface. At Interzum, Formica Group is presenting various application scenarios for the technology that disappears into furniture without a trace on the Homapal booth.

Lying on the table finished throughout in wood effect with a natural look and feel are several smartphones. What you can’t see though: while users are eating, sitting in meetings or simply waiting, their mobile phones, models of many different makes, are recharging – all at the same time, without power sockets, without tangled cables. The technology to do this is integrated into the decorative laminate surface; benefiting from all the advantages in terms of durability and ease of maintenance.

For „Intentek“ laminate, Formica Group is cooperating with Convenient Power who, based in Silicon Valley, is a provider of wireless charging electronics. Following its patented method, the laminate manufacturer embeds the technology into the homogeneous surface where the electronic components remain exchangeable for updates and servicing. Certification to the Qi standard not only provides safety and reliability in transferring the electrical power, it also ensures short charging times and compatibility with most mobile phones and small devices – regardless of make or manufacturer.

Matching in decor and surface finish, Formica Group integrates the 5 x 5 cm charging areas into the 2,440 or 3,050 x 1,220 mm laminates – with the customer defining quantity and position; an expert assists with the design specification. Styling is based on the entire Formica plain colour range as well as the „Matte 58“ surface finish and, for a selection of wood decors, the „43 Artisan“ texture.

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Caption: At interzum 2019, Formica Group will be demonstrating on the Homapal booth how cutting-edge wireless and all-device charging technology for mobile phones invisibly disappears into furniture. Photo: Formica Group

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