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SICAM Pordenone, 18. – 21. October 2022

Rockenhausen at SICAM 2022 – Setting the course for sustainable furniture production

Attention is focussed on materials – renewable raw materials such as wood and grasses, which make an active contribution to climate protection. Holzwerk Rockenhausen is dedicated to the careful and responsible handling of these natural resources. The result is high-quality bespoke interior fittings for drawers and pull-outs. The company is presenting its current inspiration for the furniture industry at SICAM 2022 on Kesseböhmer’s stand in Hall 9.

“Wood is our passion.” Holzwerk Rockenhausen has built its business on its passion for wood as a raw material. This approach helps the company succeed in conscious sustainability along the entire value chain. The pioneering material “OrganiQ” also fits into this concept. It is one of the finalists in the German Sustainability Prize 2023. These are the elite amongst Germany’s most sustainable companies and designers. Holzwerk Rockenhausen also has a patent pending for the material.

It consists of 68 percent fast-growing local bast fibres, hemp and kenaf, and 25 percent sustainable water-based binding agent. This means the composite material is not only formaldehyde and phenol-free but the proportion of PET is only seven percent, which all comes from recycled material. The random fibres do not have a set direction so there is not much waste when “OrganiQ” is cut.

“OrganiQ” impressed right from the start. It can be formed three-dimensionally, it is very light, durable and food-safe. Just a year after production started, its share of the turnover of cutlery inserts made at Holzwerk Rockenhausen was a good six percent –  and rising. Interior organisers made from this material are about ten percent cheaper than comparable solid wood products, which could soon be used as an argument for manufacturers to remove themselves from discussions about rising timber prices too.  Holzwerk Rockenhausen is therefore laying the foundations to build furniture in a sustainable and efficient way.

The focus at SICAM 2022 will be on “Easyline” and “HoLite”, two ranges that can either be made in wood or “OrganiQ”. Both materials are second to none in terms of processing and design. Holzwerk Rockenhausen uses machines and equipment for either material. Customised solutions can be realised exactly how customers envision them.

“Easyline”: six-part modular system for five sets

Cutlery and multifunctional insert, wide and narrow adjustable bases, multifunctional unit and push-in dividers: the “EasyLine” modular organisation system does not need any more than six components to configure five sets, which universally cater for all drawer widths and fit into any kitchen regardless of manufacturer or carcase design. The name says it all.

Set 1, comprising a multifunctional insert and space for an accessories section, fits into 300 mm wide drawers. Set 2 consists of a cutlery insert and two narrow adjustable bases for drawers from 400 to 500 mm width – in comparison, Set 3 is designed for 500 to 600 mm wide drawers and consists of the cutlery insert with multifunctional unit and additional space for an accessories section.

800 to 900 mm wide drawers and pull-outs can be fitted with Set 4. This includes a cutlery insert with multifunctional unit, a narrow adjustable base, a wide adjustable base, two insertable dividers and space for three accessories sections. And finally for widths of 1,000 to 1,200 mm, Set 5 offers a cutlery insert with multifunctional unit, two wide adjustable bases, four insertable dividers and space for five accessories sections. The accessories include a cross-shaped divider, spice insert, knife block, foil holder and two boxes for pull-outs.

“EasyLine” is available in all types of wood and colours as well as “OrganiQ”. The system fits into pull-outs and drawers with a standard depth of 472 mm. For interior depths of 479 or 622 mm, there is an additional depth extender of 7 or 150 mm respectively.

“HoLite”: two new variants

A cutlery insert in a choice of “Black ash”, “Light oak” or “OrganiQ” with three horizontal dividers forms the basis for “HoLite”. This means that drawers can be fitted universally: in carcase widths of 300 to 1,200 mm and the standard depths of 472 and 479 mm, with optional depth extenders. The base is completely covered, ensuring a homogeneous look. Movable partition dividers across two or three compartments enhance the system. They can be supplied in various types and colours of wood but also aluminium, steel or plastic. A double-sided knife block and foil holder accessories complete the “HoLite”.

The two new variants of “HoLite”, which Holzwerk Rockenhausen is showing at SICAM, are called “ProR” and “ProS”. The “ProR” is rounded where the crosspieces meet the base panels. A bevel on the “ProS” provides a contrasting detail on lots of edges. This design vocabulary is also reflected in the accessories.

“CombiLine”: wood and aluminium in harmony

“CombiLine” is the expression of the idea of carrying the trendy horizontal alignment of the front panels on oversized drawers and pull-outs through to the inside. Dark grey anodised aluminium crosspieces draw attention to the horizontal division inside drawers. Various trays, universal racks, chopping boards, foil holders and knife blocks that can be used on either side organise the contents flexibly. „CombiLine“ for pull-outs is based on a grooved plate. Round plugs, H-frames, L-brackets, holders for bottles, foil and storage containers plus lots of other clever elements can be placed individually into the horizontal grooves.

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Caption 1a: EasyLine. Photo: Holzwerk Rockenhausen
Caption 1b: EasyLine. Photo: Holzwerk Rockenhausen
Caption 1c: EasyLine. Photo: Holzwerk Rockenhausen
Caption 1d: EasyLine. Photo: Holzwerk Rockenhausen
Caption 1e: EasyLine. Photo: Holzwerk Rockenhausen
Caption 1f: EasyLine. Photo: Holzwerk Rockenhausen
Caption 2a: HoLite. Photo: Holzwerk Rockenhausen
Caption 2b: HoLite. Photo: Holzwerk Rockenhausen
Caption 2c: HoLite. Photo: Holzwerk Rockenhausen
Caption 2d: HoLite. Photo: Holzwerk Rockenhausen
Caption 2e: HoLite. Photo: Holzwerk Rockenhausen
Caption 2f: HoLite. Photo: Holzwerk Rockenhausen
Caption 2g: HoLite. Photo: Holzwerk Rockenhausen
Caption 2h: HoLite. Photo: Holzwerk Rockenhausen
Caption 3: CombiLine horizontal. Photo: Holzwerk Rockenhausen

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