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INTERZUM Cologne, 21. – 24. May 2019

System-based fire safety: Homapal combines safety, functionality and design

Using system solutions specifically geared towards fire safety, Homapal demonstrates at interzum that fire prevention and good design are by no means mutually exclusive. At the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design, the surface specialist underscores its expertise in developing all-embracing and practical room concepts.

Interiors designed with a focus on meeting exacting expectations on individuality and a consistent look while also complying with safety requirements – as in public buildings, hotels, restaurants, educational institutions, hospitals, retirement homes as well as shops – demand products that combine aesthetic appeal and functionality in a way of their very own. In cooperation with Wolpertshausen-based Knauf Design and Leitopal from Bad König, Homapal has created a system solution that satisfies the requirements of almost all fire protection categories under European classification law.

It is here that the architect and planner can choose between Homapal fire-protection products in A2 and B1 quality as well as various classification levels. The basis for this is not only provided by the certified board material itself but also by full system testing and the inclusion of potentially demanded aspects, such as acoustic performance or edging and make-up.

A high level of protection is provided by „A2-Solution“, a non-flammable composite element made of gypsum fibre board meeting EN 13501 and a decorative, 0.7 mm gauge laminate facing classified in line with DIN EN 438-1 and EN 438-9. The range of flame-retardant building materials includes chipboard, either faced in HPL („Homapal B1 Span“) or melamine (Homapal B1 Melamin“), as well as the acoustically effective „Homapal B1 MDF“ board faced in HPL.

Colour and decor combination as a central aspect

Delivering the greatest possible level of creative flexibility in meeting any fire safety requirements and a combination of colours and decor finishes for walls, ceilings, doors and furniture, Homapal marries its line-up of premium-laminates with those from the Formica Group. 36 plain and timber decors, 40 Formica Door Express Collection decors, 20 decors in the elegant matt and post-formable anti-fingerprint „Infiniti“ surface finish as well as the new „Aquaris Spa system“ now come together to create a single unit.

In a design inspired by natural materials, the surface finish „Matte 58 (MAT)“, also creates a clean-looking, modern touch while giving spaces a feel of understated elegance. All plain and wood decors are available in this timeless surface finish. In contrast, „Natural (NAT)“ comes with a matt, authentic-looking timber texture you can hardly tell apart from the real McCoy. Combined with all of the timber decors featured, it conjures a warm and homely ambience that has proven to be inviting and calming in the effect it has.

Acoustic concepts to benefit any situation 

With its non-combustible gypsum fibre core, the „Homapal A2-Solution“ and highly compressed „Homapal B1 MDF“ fibreboard deliver the key to providing sound-absorbing or sound-enhancing qualities – without any compromise on opening the way to an all-embracing concept for aesthetically pleasing spaces. This makes both of these fire-safety systems particularly suitable where good acoustics matter, whether in a lecture hall or theatre.

Various fitting components, like profiles, mounts, clips and screws, complement the system which, once installed, leaves hardly any visible joints. It also features impact and edge protectors, as key selling points for hospital corridors in particular.

The demands on fire safety spiral at places where people come together. This makes system solutions essential for planners and architects as a means to ensuring fire safety in buildings that meet construction regulations, regulations on special-purpose buildings and regional building regulations and, in this way, help to speed up the process of obtaining building permission while at the same time adding aesthetic appeal and safety to every new building that is constructed.

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Caption: A high level of fire protection is provided by "A2-Solution", a non-flammable composite element. The product is already in place at "Alleecenter" Magdeburg. Photo: Homapal

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