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User-friendly & interconnected: Lehmann presents new interconnected RFID locking system

Launching „Captos“ and „Captos iCharge“, Lehmann is now presenting a new RFID locking system in May 2021. Both options make the ideal choice for lockers in public buildings or sports and leisure facilities. Being an interconnected system that can be controlled on a centralised basis, it comes with a host of benefits for operators and users. Both locks – just as all RFID systems from the Minden-based family-owned company – are incredibly easy to manage with the Lehmann Management Software tool (LMS).

„Captos“ provides a high level of flexibility. Intuitive in use, the lock can be opened and engaged without any contact using RFID transponders, such as ID cards, keycards or wristbands. At the same time, the system also supports „MIFARE“ and „LEGIC“ technologies. Existing transponders can also be used.

Operating modes are „shared use“ or „assigned use“. An optional LED display is available too. Particularly in „assigned use“ mode, this shows from afar whether the locker is in use or still available. The visual indicator is also accompanied by an acoustic signal.

The compact „Captos“ locks can be mounted on all commercially available surfaces, such as wood, HPL and, with an additional cover, on metal too. Symmetrical in design, they can be fitted either on left or right-hand doors without any change to their drill hole positioning.

Wired into mains power, the „Captos“ locking system not only reduces follow-on costs with no batteries being required, but also cuts running and management costs. Being interconnected, the system obviates any need for the facility manager to go to the locks whenever any authorisation need changing or reconfiguring.

Over and above the standard option, „Captos iCharge“ features an integrated USB port. Offering added convenience, this is perfect, say, for recharging a smartphone or tablet while the user is lounging around the swimming pool or relaxing in the sauna. Adding a stunning designer-style touch, „Captos iCharge“ is available with optional RGBW LED backlighting. As soon as the user opens the locker door, it lights up in any colour the operator chooses.

All RFID locks from Lehmann are conveniently managed and controlled on a centralised basis via the LMS Lehmann Management Software tool which meets all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For the interconnected „Captos“ system too, LMS makes the perfect software solution for applying and enabling configuration changes or authorisations in real time. Even in decentralised premises, these changes are easily and instantly implemented via the customer’s network. Alternatively, the „Captos“ locking system can also be configured via master and programming cards.

Controlled by LMS, the key benefits of this interconnected RFID locking system are summarised in no time at all: besides guaranteeing efficient online management, instantly making it possible to disable and replace mislaid transponders, all status information is communicated in real time with authorisations being managed from a central point. This also comes with elevated user-friendliness which, for instance, is manifest in easy, intuitive operation or in the ability of using just one transponder for several systems. All in all, combining LMS and „Captos“ provides an easy-to-use RFID locking system with the last word in practical convenience.

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Caption 1: Lehmann presents a new networked RFID locking system called "Captos". It is particularly suitable as a solution for lockers in public buildings or sports and leisure facilities. The lock can be opened and closed contactlessly with RFID transponders. The optionally available LED indicates from a distance whether the locker is occupied or still available. Photo: Lehmann

Caption 2: Compared to the standard version, "Captos iCharge" offers an integrated USB connection. It can be used to conveniently charge a smartphone or tablet while the user is having fun in the swimming pool or relaxing in the sauna, for example. Photo: Lehmann


The family owned business LEHMANN in Minden/Westphalia is one of the of European leaders for mechanical and electronic locking systems for furniture and more. The range of applications extends from office and commercial furnishings, lockers and safe deposit boxes, shopfitting and interior furnishing, laboratory, warehouse and factory equipment, caravan and boat building up to vending machines. Two modern plants with own research and product development as well as tool and mould construction, foundry, plastic injection moulding and electroplating form the basis for innovation and quality of the products. Around 340 employees worldwide ensure customer satisfaction and delivery reliability. In addition Lehmann actively markets individual steps in its supply chain as industrial services.

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