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SICAM, Pordenone, October 10 – 13 2017

Wood + metal – the Kesseböhmer Leitmotif for 2017

Wood is still the material of choice for creating kitchens with an ambience of warmth and well-being. More and more users are choosing open plan kitchens merging directly with the adjoining living areas and echoing their style and comfort. At the same time, users expect advanced functionality and the utmost convenience. At this year’s Sicam from October 10 to 13 2017 in Pordenone, Italy, (Stand B24/C29 in Hall 7), Kesseböhmer is demonstrating how both these consumer expectations can be met by using the timeless pairing of wood and metal reshaped in contemporary designs. The innovations being showcased at the Sicam reinforce Kesseböhmer’s reputation for giving consumers as much scope as possible to influence how their kitchens look and work both inside the storage units and outside. At the same time, the company’s products offer kitchen manufacturers opportunities to customize and differentiate their product ranges, also in terms of a strong and consistent brand image.

Authentic natural materials, especially wood, teamed with fittings in contemporary puristic styles are two dominant features in today’s kitchen designs. Kesseböhmer’s newly launched tray design, the „Arena pure“, is designed on these minimalistic lines and harmonizes perfectly with contemporary drawerbox designs. Its flat metal sides are seamlessly bonded with the wooden bottom panel. “Arena pure” trays are available for all “Dispensa” and “Tandem” pull-outs as well as for “LeMans” corner units.

The new „Arena select“ tray is another attractive mix of wood and metal. Here the low railing is also seamlessly bonded with the bottom panel. An open frame made of solid wood by the wood specialists Rockenhausen is fitted snugly into the low railing to form the tray sides. Kesseböhmer is also showing trays and back panels for the “iMove edition” wall unit fitting in the trend material wood.

The modular organizer system, “FineLine (MosaiQ)”, created by Kesseböhmer in collaboration with its wood-specialist subsidiary Rockenhausen, is another striking example of the warmth and appeal of natural wood. It has recently a Red Dot Award in the category Product Design from the Design Centre North Rhine-Westphalia. This attractive system is strongly featured on the Kesseböhmer stand at the Sicam. Visitors can see for themselves the huge scope for customizing any drawer or pull-out by selecting from a range of 21 components and combining them with the utmost flexibility.

Added to the enduring popularity of authentic natural materials is the broad spectrum of technical and functional innovation showcased on the Kesseböhmer Sicam stand in 2017. The company has made substantial technical and design improvements to the “Tandem solo” storage pull-out. For example, a new modular door shelf offers a wider choice of storage space and more flexibility in kitchen planning. When it comes to push-to-open functionality, the new mechanical “pto” functionality – for the “Dispensa junior III” and “No.15 3D-X” base unit fittings and for all the “FreeLift” family – substantially expand the application potential of Kesseböhmer products, especially for handleless kitchen designs.

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Caption: A striking combination of wood and metal: Kesseböhmer’s new "Arena select" tray has a low railing seamlessly bonded with the bottom panel. An open frame made of solid wood by the wood specialists Rockenhausen is fitted snugly into the low railing to form the tray sides. Photo: Kesseböhmer

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