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Hawa at BAU

Can a sliding door hardware shut doors so tightly that it noticeably reduces the noise level, darkens rooms completely, doesn’t let a breath of air through and prevent odors? How can a glass sliding door up to 100 kilograms be opened with full access? Can a façade flexibly align itself with the position of the sun, and produce comfortable light and temperature conditions inside the room? Answers to this and other questions will be provided by Hawa Sliding Solutions AG between April 17th and 22nd, 2023 at BAU in Munich. On booth 310 in hall C4, the Swiss company will be presenting sliding solutions which make an all-round contribution to your personal well-being.

Under the heading of “Acoustics”, the focus is on sliding doors with high sound attenuation values. With the “Hawa Junior 100 Acoustics” and “Hawa Porta 100 HMT Acoustics” hardware solutions, Hawa is combining the advantages of easy sliding and efficient use of space with tight closing which provides protection from noise, odors, light and drafts and with which comfortable quiet zones can be created in an instant.

The new glass sliding solutions that Hawa will be presenting at BAU are recommended for use in both space-saving and fully accessible room designs. And wherever glass is to provide its light effects. The sliding function is effortless, in the sense of an inclusive design. Like the glass, it is designed for long term use. The technology, which is invisibly integrated into the running track, moves glass doors weighing up to 100 kilograms.

Smart living, intelligent shading

Hawa makes living façades which cleverly mediate between outdoors and indoors possible using solutions in the “On buildings” business area. The “Hawa Frontslide Matic” automated hardware system can be integrated into the building automation via an SMI interface (Standard Motor Interface) and conveniently controlled. The shutters automatically adjust themselves to the position of the sun, and provide light and temperature conditions in the interior which are adapted to any daylight situation thanks to the world’s first sliding shutter drive with SMI, according to the company information. “Hawa Frontfold” also has similar potential in the design of living façades. The hardware easily moves folding sliding shutters and parks the folded shutter at right angles to the window front.

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Caption: Sliding doors now also provide effective sound attenuation. With the “Hawa Junior Acoustics” hardware system, Hawa will be demonstrating at BAU that sliding doors also can be tight enough to provide noticeable shielding from noise, drafts, odors and light when they are closed. Photo: Hawa Sliding Solutions AG

Hawa Sliding Solutions AG

Hawa Sliding Solutions AG has been developing and producing sliding hardware for doors, partitions, furniture and facades in the residential & hospitality, health & retail, office & education sectors since 1965. More than 350 patents bear witness to the innovative strength of the Swiss company and its own claim to continuously assert itself as a global market and technology leader. More than 60 product families form the basis for comprehensive solution competence which also serves the megatrends: Microliving & Fluid Spaces, Building in Existing Contexts, Energy Efficiency & Climate Protection as well as Inclusive Design. Hawa operates in more than 70 countries worldwide, with two production facilities in Switzerland (Mettmenstetten and Sirnach), foreign subsidiaries for North America (Dallas, USA), Asia and the Pacific region (Singapore) and the Middle East (Dubai, UAE), and with more than 200 sales and specialist partners. #Hawa Sliding Solutions AG, Untere Fischbachstrasse 4, 8932 Mettmenstetten, Switzerland –

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