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EuroShop, Düsseldorf, 5th to 9th March 2017

Homapal at the Euroshop 2017

It is mainly the real metal coated laminates that are closely linked to the name Homapal. A special embossing technique furnishes the surfaces with different structures and presses them onto a high pressure laminate core. What’s more, some of the decors are then finished by hand. The metals thus offer a unique feel and, together with their range of colours and striking gloss, an extraordinary appearance – an unbeatable combination that cannot be imitated. Homapal has reworked its collections in this area for Euroshop 2017 in Düsseldorf.

They are now more harmonious and structured across the collections, thanks to the collaboration with experienced designers. The designers have, above all, refined the colour progressions in the metals and magnets that interplay within the Homapal range. Soft intermediate tones, sometimes differing by just a nuance from kindred colours whilst at the same time remaining unique, complete the overall picture.

Champagne, rosé and gold tones are expressions of the maturing process within the metal surfaces. From cool and businesslike through rustic and warm to elegant and luxurious, the characteristics can be realised with fine differentiations. The new Storck Welt store in the Centro shopping centre in Oberhausen is a good reference point for the latest developments. The confectionery manufacturer sets a great amount of store in detail and high quality materials. „Werther’s Original“ toffees, for example, are displayed in gold and caramel colours. The decor „471-636 Alu-Polished Lava Goldtone“ was given centre stage in this display.

Despite the remodelling of the collection, a large proportion of the metals known and accepted by the market remain available; everything now blends together even more logically and harmoniously to support customers in their selection. The collection comprises a total of 90 different decors which are able to satisfy a wide range of tastes from classic to modern, from design-orientated to handmade.

The laminate manufacturer uses thinly rolled foils of aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel to produce the laminates. The Homapal metal laminates are fire retardant according to the IMO (International Maritime Organization) and are classified by the testing, inspection and certification body MPA Dresden, Freiberg, as satisfying the DIN EN 13501-1:2010-01 B-s1, d0 classification.

Magnetic boards: the perfect symbioses of functionality and design

The magnetic boards in the Homapal range play in a similar league alongside the real metal coated laminates. Thanks to an iron foil which is embedded in the laminate, not only papers and utensils can be fixed in place, but also heavier magnetic racks or modular system rails and fixtures for shop-fitting displays.

The 2017 collection, remodelled and harmonised by the designers, contains a total of 18 decors. The selection of white tones has been extended in the basic colour range. Orchid, maui, mango yellow and apple green complement the trend colours.

Depending on the surface and decor, the Homapal magnetic boards combine several functions. Alongside the magnetic fixing applications, some are ideal for use as projection surfaces due to their reduced light reflection. Others can be written on with standard board markers, and the writing can be removed again without a trace using a dry cotton or micro-fibre cloth. The school-standard blackboard and green surfaces can be written on with chalk.

The possible applications are virtually unlimited; the Homapal magnetic boards are ideal for anywhere where things are to be flexibly fixed or texts written and then removed again without a trace. As with the metal laminates, the magnetic boards are free of formaldehyde in accordance with DIN EN 717-1 as confirmed by eph Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor Holztechnologie GmbH, Dresden. Both Homapal products can also be supplied with the FSC mix quality mark on request.

Euroshop performance demonstrates the possibilities of individualisation

The special function of being able to write and draw on Homapal magnetic boards with chalk is the focus of a performance during Euroshop. During the trade fair, the chalk artist Marco Kocks will demonstrate how personal affairs of the heart – desire, dreams, intentions, ideas, perceptions, projects – can be „de-pict-ed“, thus raising consciousness and having a positive influence on well-being – exactly the same objectives as interior and shop design. The path to „Kreideglück“ (chalk happiness) leads through the same stations to uniqueness as Homapal: via listening to and understanding the customer desires, via robust handwork and high-quality materials.

Images in high resolution

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Caption 1: Designers have refined the colour progressions within the Homapal metal collection. Soft intermediate tones, such as "454 - Alu-Brushed Rosegold" complete the overall picture. Photo: Homapal
Caption 2: Gold tones and structures are expressions of the maturing process within the metal surfaces. These include "471-631 - Alu-Polished Circles Goldtone". Photo: Homapal

Caption 3: The new Storck Welt store in the Centro shopping centre in Oberhausen is a good reference point for the latest Homapal developments. "Werther's Original" toffees are displayed with the decor "471-636 - Alu-Polished Lava Goldtone " amongst others. Realisation: dan pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH. Photo: Guido Leifhelm
Caption 4: The Homapal 2017 magnetic board collection has a total of 18 decors. A new addition is the trend colour "8246 orchid glossy". This decor can be written on with standard board markers, and the writing can be removed again without a trace using a dry cotton or micro-fibre cloth. Photo: Homapal
Caption 5: Attach, write and more – the Homapal magnetic boards with their diverse functions are predestined for use in schools, as in the CVG Gymnasium in Kulmbach, Germany. The decor "8232 Applegreen Glossy" sets fresh accents here (realised by Juli architektur I design, Kulmbach). Photo: Homapal
Caption 6: Marco Kocks will set the spotlight on the possibility of drawing on Homapal magnetic boards with chalk during his performance at Euroshop. Photo: Marco Kocks

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