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Interzum Cologne, May 9 - 12, 2023

Overview & Orientation: The new brochures from Schwinn

Over 5,000 tools for zamak and plastic fittings in stock.

1.4 million ornamental hardware parts leaving the factory in Poland every month. More than 700 articles, furniture handles, knobs, feet, hooks, wardrobes and other furniture accessories. Overview and orientation are required to be able to grasp what KSB GmbH Klügel Schwinn Beschläge can supply under the Schwinn „made in Europe“ brand. Interzum 2023 marks the starting point for updating all sales documents. 

The catalogues for furniture feet and furniture handles and knobs made of zamak are already available online and in print form for the trade fair. Schwinn has also updated the „Creativ“ collection, which allows tradesmen and craftsmen in particular to quickly access moderate quantities of stock items without the usual breakage costs and surcharges for reduced quantities.

Schwinn continues to update its catalogues in an ongoing process. Knobs and handles made of plastic will follow in the summer of 2023, and the brochure on hooks and coat racks will be ready in the fall.

In terms of product groups, these documents provide an overview of all decorative fittings of the Schwinn brand, including material, dimensional and surface specifications, and serve the furniture industry as a practical working tool that offers planning security.

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Caption: At Schwinn, Interzum 2023 marks the starting point for updating all sales documents. Photo: Schwinn

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