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Fensterbau Frontale, 21 – 24 March 2018, Nuremberg

Safe and solid closing: Basys develops adjustable striking plate in a solid variant

Basys – Bartels Systembeschläge, Kalletal – will be demonstrating a solid version of the „Stabilo 28 2-Hole“ adjustable angled striking plate at the Fensterbau Frontale trade fair in Nuremberg from 21st to 24th March 2018. Thanks to its concealed mechanism, rebated doors can be adjusted from the striking-plate side such that they fit without any play whatsoever.

The building fittings manufacturer, Basys, demonstrated at the BAU 2017 trade fair for the first time that rebated doors can also be adjusted from the striking plate side thanks to a light angled striking plate. In the system demonstrated at the time, a U-shaped stainless-steel profile that can be moved horizontally after loosening the clamping screw with a small screwdriver is fitted in the top aperture. This increases or reduces the door seal’s contact pressure. Once the adjustment has been made, the clamping screw is tightened again, fixing the mechanism in place.

The principle of the new product on show at the 2018 Frontale, made of 8 mm thick steel or stainless steel, is just the same. The material thickness enables the striking plate to be used in applications with high door weights and high opening/closing frequency, and is furthermore suitable as a base component in burglary and fire protection systems. The solid „Stabilo 28 2-Loch“ fits the same mortise as other Basys striking-plate systems, meaning that it can be used to upgrade the system or, where higher demands are placed on a door, easily fitted as a standard striking plate. It is available in different versions for right and left-handed doors.

Basys came up with the idea of making it possible to also adjust a door from the striking-plate side because the company always regards the door as an overall system and develops solutions from the customer’s perspective. Because it provides a tighter seal, this innovation makes rattling doors a thing of the past, reliably eliminates annoying noises and does not give cold draughts a chance either. For the manufacturer, however, the fact that the door leaf presses tightly against the seal to give a „solid“ feel even with solid striking plates, also has emotional reasons which play a part in the selling points put to the customer.

With its comprehensive „Stabilo“ striking-plate systems, Basys lays claim to being the German market leader. The material used – steel and stainless steel – ensures a high-quality look. But it also has a positive effect on closing performance and gives the plate the durability needed to withstand permanent contact with the latch as the door closes.

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Caption text: Enabling the adjustment of rebated doors from the striking plate side: The new "Stabilo striking plate 28 2-Hole" with a solid construction. A U-shaped stainless-steel profile with which the contact pressure of the door seal can be adjusted is fitted in the top aperture. Photo: Basys


BaSys stands for Bartels Systembeschläge. The family-owned company run by Albert and Jürgen Bartels has been developing, producing and selling an all-embracing range of building hardware since 1995. With its hinge and striking-plate systems, BaSys regards itself as a problem solver for door and frame manufacturers throughout Europe as well as for national and international customers from retail and the trades. In 2001, the company was the first German manufacturer to present a concealed and three-dimensionally adjustable hinge with the "Pivota" product range, initiating a new design trend in the door industry. At company headquarters in Kalletal, East Westphalia, BaSys employs around 100 members of staff.

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