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Fensterbau Frontale, Nuremberg, 19 – 22 March 2024

The door closer that you can neither see nor feel: PIVOTA DXS CLOSE combines design, function and ease of use

The door closer works together with the hinge and disappears into the door leaf. Hidden from view, it ensures that doors close gently and automatically. However, this is not the only advantage offered by the concealed hinge „Pivota DXS Close“: Despite the integrated door closer, the door offers no resistance when opening. Basys will be presenting version 2.0 at Fensterbau Frontale and highlighting the advantages of the product for fabricators in industry and trade.

The „Pivota DXS Close 2.0“ is equipped with a steel hinge and an associated closing mechanism which, like the hinge, disappears into the door. This means that the technology, including additional components for the integrated door closer, is concealed. This involves two springs, each of which can be pre-tensioned via a spindle for tension scaling – depending on the room volume, door widths and door weights.

The springs pretension when the door is opened. If the door is then no longer held, the closing mechanism pulls on the hinge in a controlled manner so that the door closes. For greater safety and convenience, the mechanism brakes the door before it gently and reliably falls into the lock. The integrated soft-close mechanism of the „Pivota DXS Close 2.0“ is viscous, so that the damping force can be flexibly adjusted to the closing speed of the door.

The entire construction is produced at the hardware manufacturer’s factory in Kalletal and is designed for long-lasting, maintenance-free operation with consistently reliable pulling and closing force.

Advantages for fabricators & users

The „Pivota DXS Close 2.0“ is suitable for flush doors with a maximum weight of up to 80 kg – currently still in the EI0 version. The solution is ideal wherever a classic door closer should not be visible and where there is no space for it, for example on floor-to-ceiling doors without a classic frame or on arched doors.

The fabricator does not need an additional door closer. There is also no need for a third hinge, which is usually required when using a separate door closer. The time savings for routing and installation are correspondingly high, as are the cost savings for the components that are not required. 3D adjustability is still possible.

The door can also be opened up to an angle of 180 degrees with little effort, which makes it easier to operate, especially for the elderly and children, but also for those who only have one hand free or none at all. With a one-meter-wide door leaf, the maximum operating force of the „Pivota DXS Close 2.0“ is only 6.9 Nm, and only at an opening angle of 90 degrees.

Images in high resolution

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Caption 1: The door closer works together with the hinge and disappears into the door leaf: with the concealed hinge "Pivota DXS Close 2.0", doors close gently and automatically. Photo: Basys

Caption 2: Illustration of the operating forces in the opening process of a one-metre-wide door with the concealed hinge "Pivota DXS Close 2.0". Graphic: Basys


BaSys stands for Bartels Systembeschläge. The family-owned company run by Albert and Jürgen Bartels has been developing, producing and selling an all-embracing range of building hardware since 1995. With its hinge and striking-plate systems, BaSys regards itself as a problem solver for door and frame manufacturers throughout Europe as well as for national and international customers from retail and the trades. In 2001, the company was the first German manufacturer to present a concealed and three-dimensionally adjustable hinge with the "Pivota" product range, initiating a new design trend in the door industry. At company headquarters in Kalletal, East Westphalia, BaSys employs around 100 members of staff.

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