Homapal: „Die positive Stimmung mitnehmen“

Homapal spielt ganz vorn mit, wenn es um die Emotionalisierung von Shoppingerlebnissen geht. Das hat die Euroshop vom 5. bis 9. März 2017 in Düsseldorf eindrucksvoll gezeigt. Zu den Besuchern auf dem ca. 120 Quadratmeter großen Stand gehörten Entscheidungsträger für … » weiterlesen

Homapal at the Euroshop 2017

It is mainly the real metal coated laminates that are closely linked to the name Homapal. A special embossing technique furnishes the surfaces with different structures and presses them onto a high pressure laminate core. What’s more, some of the … » weiterlesen

New collection from Homapal

Homapal presents a fully revised leather collection at Euroshop. This includes eight typical colours to suit current market trends and three different surfaces that feel soft and authentic. Homapal offers the entire collection in fire retardant IMO quality as standard, … » weiterlesen

Nature that you can see and feel

At Euroshop 2017 in Düsseldorf, Homapal demonstrates how the original naturalness of wood can extend its particular charm into modern stores and interior designs. The new stock collection includes ten real wood veneers pressed into laminate, better known on the … » weiterlesen