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INTERZUM Cologne, 21. – 24. May 2019

Aesthetic look and pleasing feel: Lehmann presents the next-generation keypad

Showcasing the „TA03“, Lehmann, specialist in furniture locks and locking systems, is presenting the next-generation keypad at interzum 2019. The new keypad has been specially developed for the „M410“ and „M 610“ range of locks. The „TA03“ can be used in a wide variety of applications, not least as a result of the many different design options.

The new „TA03“ keypad from Lehmann is not only distinguished by its ease of use but also by an aesthetic look and high-quality feel. The furniture-lock and locking-system specialist has given it a contemporary, modern and high-quality design, offering four attractive options styled in black and matt nickel. The high-quality finish and pleasing feel instantly become satisfyingly apparent the moment you touch the silicone keys.

With integrated handle function, the keypad also doubles up as a furniture handle. Requiring no tools, it also comes with the option of attaching labelling clips at four different positions on the keypad for numbering. The keypad code can be chosen at random and is made up of three to ten digits. Here, the operating mode can be set to use a fixed or any selectable code.

In terms of security, Lehmann has provided for various eventualities. Easily visible LEDs in three different colours serve as a visual function indicator. Lehmann has also integrated a blocking time to prevent any unauthorised attempts at opening a lock.

Security is also provided by the energy management system which now comes with significant improvements over the predecessor model. The „TA03“ has a two-stage battery warning function for low-battery status. However, in the event of any failure to replace the battery in good time and it goes completely flat, the lock remains engaged. A standard block battery can then be used as an emergency power supply, and there is also an emergency unlocking code.

But these are not the only features that make the „TA03“ ideal for a wide variety of applications. The keyboard is also resistant to standard detergents and disinfectants. Protection against the ingress of dust and jets of water significantly widens its range of applications as well. In addition to hospitals, the keypad is also predestined for use in wet areas, such as swimming pools and saunas.

With the „TA03“, Lehmann has developed a keypad of particular quality. In combination with the „M410“ and „M610“ locks, it is ideally suited for many different applications – quite simply, the keypad of the next generation.

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Caption 1: The new "TA03" keyboard from Lehmann is not only suitable for educational institutions but can also be used in hospitals or wet areas. Photo: Lehmann

Caption 2: The new "TA03" keypad from Lehmann is available in a choice of four designs styled in black and matt nickel, pictured here is the all-matt-nickel version. Photo: Lehmann

Caption 3: The new "TA03" keypad from Lehmann is available in a choice of four designs styled in black and matt nickel, pictured here is the all-black version. Photo: Lehmann


The family owned business LEHMANN in Minden/Westphalia is one of the of European leaders for mechanical and electronic locking systems for furniture and more. The range of applications extends from office and commercial furnishings, lockers and safe deposit boxes, shopfitting and interior furnishing, laboratory, warehouse and factory equipment, caravan and boat building up to vending machines. Two modern plants with own research and product development as well as tool and mould construction, foundry, plastic injection moulding and electroplating form the basis for innovation and quality of the products. Around 340 employees worldwide ensure customer satisfaction and delivery reliability. In addition Lehmann actively markets individual steps in its supply chain as industrial services.

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