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Interzum Cologne, May 9 - 12, 2023

Smart management, storage security: Lehmann is broadening the intelligence of interconnected locking systems.

The Internet of Things knows no boundaries. Electronic locking systems for secure storage are also enhancing the „IoT“. At interzum from 9 to 12 May 2023 in Cologne, it is in this context that Lehmann will be demonstrating how complex RFID locker systems communicate in networks while also showing what potential their integration unleashes in practice. The focus is being placed on how interconnected furniture locks mesh with the Lehmann Management Software LMS, interconnectability with third-party software and added capabilities for self-service applications. 

At Lehmann, the smallest units in interconnected locking systems are the hard-wired „Captos“ electronic lock, and its „Captos iCharge“ counterpart which comes with a charging function for smartphones and backlighting. They work on the basis of the LEGIC and MIFARE RFID technologies and, in future, also HID. They can be opened contactlessly with appropriate RFID transponders in ID cards, key fobs, wristbands or smartphones.

The interconnected „Captos“ locks are suitable for lockers in public buildings, sports facilities and gyms, government authorities, museums or office complexes. This is where decentralised organisations benefit in particular, as there’s no need to change batteries and the locks can be configured and managed via the Lehmann Management Software (LMS) from a central point and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Direct, central control of access authorisations

LMS is synonymous with efficient authorisation management from any chosen place, making it possible to implement uniform security standards across all operating bases while communicating within the customer’s IT infrastructure with locks in real time. It not only helps facility managers to implement the system but can also be adapted with a good degree of flexibility to suit specific requirements and needs at any time. This includes functions, such as remote opening or access times, selecting operating mode, personal authorisations, adding RFID transponders for locking and unlocking or the immediate disabling and replacement of transponders that have gone missing.

With configuration and operating philosophy being consistent across all Lehmann RFID locking systems, the Lehmann Management Software also provides the capability of managing battery-operated locks. This means they can be used wherever they can’t be wired to a power supply. 

Open to third-party systems 

In cooperation with „GoBright“, Lehmann will be using interzum to demonstrate that LMS can also be interconnected via an interface with third-party software. This gives the customer a wider range of applications. Among other options, „GoBright“ lets users book meeting rooms, workstations or parking spaces all by themselves. Linked up with interconnected „Captos“ locks, the platform, however, will also make it possible in future to reserve lockers. The transponders function at cross-system level, including applications, for instance, involving the need to monitor access or record usage duration. Configured in this way, interconnected systems help to bring smart, customised flexibility to entire everyday routines in co-working environments or offices. 

Answer to self-management

Lehmann’s „Central Control Panel“ extends the benefits of interconnected systems to include the ability to self-manage lockers on an intuitive basis. Following the principle of the „Packstation“, parcel drop-off station, users can select and use their locker with no outside help via the central terminal’s touch display using an RFID transponder.

Lehmann Management Software can be used to configure the „Central Control Panel“ to suit any specific solution or project. This provides the basis for serving various scenarios, e.g. in managing visitors to public institutions, in smart storage or pick-up and delivery concepts at business level, in the unmanned handover of HGV keys, vehicle and freight documents in logistics companies, as well as within an organisation’s IT asset management system whenever there’s a need to replace obsolete devices with new ones.

The central terminal is compatible with the electronically interconnected „Captos“, „Captos iCharge“ and „Captos Central“ locks. Unlike the other two RFID locks, „Captos Central“ doesn’t come with any reader and can only be opened through the terminal.

Locking systems help to keep personal valuables safe and secure in public spaces. Incorporating them into interconnected systems opens up a whole raft of options for implementing even larger and more complex projects, controlling them from a centralised point and making processes more sustainable and efficient.

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Caption: Lehmann's "Central Control Panel" extends the benefits of interconnected systems to include the ability to self-manage lockers on an intuitive basis. Following the principle of the "Packstation", parcel drop-off station, users can select and use their locker with no outside help via the central terminal's touch display using an RFID transponder. Photo: Lehmann


The family owned business LEHMANN in Minden/Westphalia is one of the of European leaders for mechanical and electronic locking systems for furniture and more. The range of applications extends from office and commercial furnishings, lockers and safe deposit boxes, shopfitting and interior furnishing, laboratory, warehouse and factory equipment, caravan and boat building up to vending machines. Two modern plants with own research and product development as well as tool and mould construction, foundry, plastic injection moulding and electroplating form the basis for innovation and quality of the products. Around 340 employees worldwide ensure customer satisfaction and delivery reliability. In addition Lehmann actively markets individual steps in its supply chain as industrial services.

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