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SICAM Pordenone, 18. – 21. October 2022

Creative broad basis with sophisticated aspirations: Kesseböhmer designs dressing room range

Walk-in wardrobes are becoming a popular standard in interior design. Not only do they offer customisable functional elements for various items of clothing, they also testify to the user’s stylish sense of organisation. “CONERO” was designed by Kesseböhmer as an extensive and design-focused fittings range for private dressing rooms that does justice to contemporary aspirations.

The concept is aimed at the greatest possible adaptability to any bespoke planning situation. Kesseböhmer is taking two different installation depths into account. “CONERO” caters for any unit width between 334 and 1,020 mm thanks to the variable widths of the fitting elements, which are both function and design-oriented.

Comfort & Design

Irrespective of whether an open style is being planned or whether the interior fittings are to disappear behind revolving or sliding doors, Kesseböhmer attaches great importance to design and function in their “CONERO” range. Storage space and visibility, accessibility and ease of use demonstrate this as well as a high-quality design vocabulary with a coordinated colour concept.

The inside pull-outs are based on the narrow frames in the “Soft Edge” design which have slightly rounded corners. Full-extension pull-outs with cushioned self-closing mechanisms and tinted front panels put convenience front and centre. Customers can introduce their own materials or use the glass elements provided by Kesseböhmer. Liner mats with flocked finishes and various inserts for organising drawers allow the user to fit out their dressing room to suit them.

The pull-outs are available in two heights, 72 and 168 mm. Installed with 32 mm hole spacing, two low pull-outs equal precisely one tall one. Pull-outs with high side panels are ideal for loose clothes such as socks. Functional pull-outs in a coordinated design cater for classic everyday uses such as trouser racks or removable laundry bags.

Side pull-outs designed in the form of partial pull-outs with grease-free sliding guides provide additional storage space underneath the clothes rail, for example in the form of belt or tie organisers or with trays for small bits and pieces.

“CONERO” colours “Powder black” and “Powder gold” are in line with current trends.

New wardrobe lift concept with LGA certificate

Kesseböhmer has also included two wardrobe lifts in their “CONERO” range, which can carry loads of up to twelve kilograms and in their own words “offer the best lifting and lowering performance on the market”. For their “CONERO Top Wardrobe Lift” and “CONERO” wardrobe lift, the manufacturer is combining technology from “iMove” and the “Freelift” family. The “CONERO Top Wardrobe Lift” consists of a drop-down clothes rail with additional shelf space. Clothes can now be carefully put away in the wardrobe and are easy to reach. Kesseböhmer also offers the classic CONERO wardrobe lift for especially heavy weights with a load capacity of 15 kilograms.

The handle is incorporated into the system to work like a long lever at its heaviest point. The energy storage system, which is adapted to the load path, helps most when the load is greatest. As a result of the self-regulating system, the wardrobe lift is comfortably easy to raise smoothly when empty or fully loaded. Synchronised lever arms allow one-sided loading. If the user should lose their grip on the handle, the progressive power assistance ensures that the system safely glides into its end position and does not swing down uncontrolled.

The quality of Kesseböhmer’s wardrobe lifts for loads of up to twelve kilograms has now also been confirmed by an LGA certificate. This is the first time that this coveted seal has been granted to prove the safety and durability of such products.

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Caption 1: CONERO. Photo: Kesseböhmer
Caption 2: CONERO. Photo: Kesseböhmer
Caption 3: CONERO. Photo: Kesseböhmer
Caption 4: CONERO Wardrobe lift. Photo: Kesseböhmer
Caption 5: CONERO Wardrobe lift. Photo: Kesseböhmer
Caption 6: CONERO Wardrobe lift Top. Photo: Kesseböhmer
Caption 7: CONERO Wardrobe lift Top. Photo: Kesseböhmer

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