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Interzum @home, 4 to 7 May 2021

Numbering lockers the clever way – Locker locks now say „Lehnum“

Cost-effective and easy to install – this is the mark of „Lehnum“, a new way of numbering lockers secured by dial locks. Involving very few components, Lehmann now creates a clever alternative to conventional labelling, permitting rapidly individualised locker-door identification.

Presented two years ago at Interzum 2019 as an idea and prototype, Lehmann has now advanced „Lehnum“, making it an efficient and absolutely fail-safe numbering system. The basis is a frame that’s mounted together with the lock. Involving no extra effort, this involves hardly any additional costs for attaching it to locker doors.

Coming in four different colour options, the frame harmonises perfectly with the dial lock. Benefiting from the way it’s designed, locker numbering can be placed to the left or right of the dial lock and, by way of option, secured with an additional screw.

Lehmann offers „Lehnum“ in three different types. The simplest being a ready-labelled paper tag inserted in a transparent tag carrier which then clips onto the frame with effortless ease.

The second option, which comes in the form of „3D-effect gel badge doming“, either sticks directly into the frame or onto the previously clipped-on tag carrier. This means personalised identification – with a name, for example – can easily be changed whenever necessary using a removal pin and then applied to another locker unit.

The „anodised aluminium“ finish, which Lehmann also offers in the two versions described above, gives „Lehnum“ a somewhat classier look. Here too in the basic version, the aluminium label sticks directly onto the frame. If any renumbering is required at a later date, a maximum of two labels can be applied to previous identification. Providing a high level of personalisation, the option of a clipped-in tag carrier taking the adhesive aluminium label makes a practical alternative. Because here as well, the tag carrier is replaced with effortless ease by means of removal pin.

Providing the option of „3D-effect badge doming“ and „anodised aluminium“, Lehmann caters to any wish for customised identity, be it in the form of a logo, coat of arms or any specific lettering. This works very well with „anodised aluminium“ in the form of an engraving. 3D-effect gel badge doming, in contrast, also provides the option of adding accent colouring. As such, „Lehnum“ not only provides a clever alternative to conventional numbering but also gives the customer immense scope for customisation with its vast range of creative options.

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Caption 1: Cost-effective and easy to install, "Lehnum" is a new way of numbering lockers secured by dial locks. Photo: Lehmann

Caption 2: With "Lehnum", Lehmann has developed an efficient and reliable numbering system for quick individual identification of locker and spindle doors. Paper inlay, doming sticker or anodised aluminium are the three versions. Photo: Lehmann


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