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Kesseböhmer@Home, 4 to 7 May 2021

Purism across the board

Slim and closed and accentuated by a narrow groove all round. This is what the metal edge of the tray looks like and Kesseböhmer intends to use it establish a new design vocabulary in the kitchen. The name “Arena pure” says it all. Purist and expressive, the pull-out tray fits in well with linear and modern yet cosy interior design and the trend towards a minimalist frame design.

The clean look of slim and closed tray edges can now be found across all pull-out systems from Kesseböhmer – in the form of either linear or curved geometries for larder, corner and base units of various widths. The linear “ARENA pure” trays for “Dispensa” and “Tandem” products benefit in particular from the use of a new, prominent steel railing.

The quality base for all the trays is the established “Arena” production technology from Kesseböhmer. It makes a significant contribution to the accustomed high load-bearing capacity of the trays as well as their stability and durability. At the same time, the metal railing and the wooden base with dovetailed undercut are seamlessly bonded together. Moreover, “ARENA pure“ trays are finished with an anti-slip coating as standard.

The slim metal edge of the closed “ARENA pure” trays accentuated with a narrow groove all round is available in silver and anthracite. With its contemporary minimalism and understated elegance, it creates a basis for establishing the brand’s typical puristic design consistently across interior fittings for units and lends the kitchen a new sense of quality.

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Caption 1: With "Arena pure", the name says it all. Purist and expressive, the pull-out shelf goes well with a straightforwardly modern and at the same time homely interior design and the trend towards a minimalist frame design. Here in use with the "Dispensa" pharmacy pull-out. Photo: Kesseböhmer

Caption 2: The straight-lined "ARENA pure" shelves for "Dispensa" and "Tandem" products (photo) benefit from the use of a new, profiled steel railing. Photo: Kesseböhmer

Caption 3: The clear look of slim and closed shelf surrounds is now found throughout all Kesseböhmer pull-out systems - also in the form of curved geometries. "Arena pure" in use with the "LeMans" corner cabinet pull-out. Photo: Kesseböhmer

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