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EXPO SICAM, 2023, October 17-20

Right on trend: Accessory solutions for utility rooms

(Edelweisspress) If there is an area of the home that tends to be neglected, it is the loft, utility room and basement. In the latter two, the familiar broom cupboard always appears next to shelves and washing machines or dryers. The term itself is an indication of what they usually look like… Ninkaplast GmbH (Bad Salzuflen, Germany) is putting an end to this state of affairs at the supplier trade fair „SICAM 2023“ with its special utility room collection made of high-quality plastic, which ensures cleanliness, clarity, ergonomics and organised storage. 

So much has to find its place in the often unloved broom cupboard! There is often no sign of an orderly layout, instead chaotic disorder dominates. Ninka’s intention is to change this once and for all with a whole range of little „helpers“. The easy to fit swing tray, helps keep small items neatly tucked away ‚out of sight‘ underneath a shelf – and ready for use when needed. Various other plastic broom cupboard inserts serve the same purpose, but are designed to be larger and allow direct access. 

Ninka’s wall holder is designed to be fixed to the inside of the door, not only keeping wipes and towels in the perfect place, but also allowing various waste bins, such as the bioBin“, to be fitted securely. On the subject of waste collection: „easywaste“ is ideal for the broom cupboard – a compact collection unit with 2 or 3 compartments (2 x 16 litres or 2 x 7 litres plus 1 x 16 litres), which is positioned inside the cabinet behind the door and is durable and easy to clean. The „taska“ carrying bag, made entirely of flexible polypropylene, is another indispensable accessory for the broom cupboard, making its debut in spring 2023. The lockable „medico“ first aid kit could also find a place here… 

A very important feature of Utility Room products is that they provide a place to store the laundry waiting to be washed. Introducing eins2laundry, laundry baskets or large 42-litre collection containers are integrated into the cabinet, suspended on a frame and simply pulled out when needed.

Contact: Edelweisspress, Herford
Dr. Frank B. Müller
Fon: +49 5221 1265-20

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Caption 1: Cleanliness and a clear structure, ergonomics and organisation in the broom cupboard: At the “SICAM 2023”, Ninka will exhibit its special utility room collection in high-quality plastic. Photo: Ninka
Caption 2: by Ninka, the wall bracket is suitable for mounting on the rear of the door or inside the cabinet and provides a quick and tidy solution. Photo: Ninka
Caption 3: The broom cupboard's seemingly "insignificant" little helpers are indispensable: be it the easy-to-mount swing tray for small items above ... Photo: Ninka
Caption 4: ... or the "medico" first-aid box below. Photo: Ninka


Ninkaplast GmbH, or Ninka for short, specializes in plastic moulding and surface finishing. Founded in 1928, the owner-managed family business develops and produces injection-molded parts for the kitchen furniture industry and for many other branches of industry, such as solar, lighting and medical technology, household appliances, coffee machines, office furniture, retail systems and banking, with around 300 employees in Bad Salzuflen. As a kitchen furniture supplier, Ninka covers all areas from waste separation systems to pull-out and drawer organization and corner cabinet solutions. The company sells worldwide.

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