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EXPO SICAM, 2023, October 17-20

The ‘one2four’ waste recycling system evolves

(Edelweisspress) Ninkaplast GmbH (Bad Salzuflen) has published a comprehensive sustainability report in 2021, which is available online. Sustainable management is a key corporate objective on the agenda. Ninka’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility begins with its choice of materials: The primary material plastic is far better than its common reputation! It is durable, recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Ninka’s first recycled material product range, the one2four waste recycling system, has now gone into series production. It is made from more than 80 per cent post-consumer plastic waste from the domestic recyling. The company uses two kilograms of recycled polypropylene waste for a set of four waste collectors. Polypropylene waste makes up around 8% of the contents of a typical bag of recycled material, which means that around 16 of the millions of bags or waste bins regularly disposed of in Germany are enough to produce one set.

Thanks to this recycled content, the one2four waste bins have been awarded the „Blue Angel“ label. The CO2 footprint is reduced from 12.4 kg of CO2 equivalent to 6.7 kg using containers made from recycled materials – an environmental reduction of 50 per cent. Ninka sees the waste bins as the first step in product development towards a cyclical economy, with further product ranges to follow.

Ninka took responsibility early on with the introduction of an environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 and an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001:2018, and has regularly published its sustainability report since 2021 ( This includes measures such as the rapidly advancing substitution of „classic“ injection moulding machines with modern, energy-efficient equipment, energy efficiency, solar panels and waste and packaging minimisation.

Ninka is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 at the latest. This requires and involves further significant investments, but also many smaller measures. The company is one of the first signatories of the climate initiative „Gemeinsam klimaneutral 2030“ (Together Climate Neutral 2030) founded in April 2022 by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the business community in Eastwestphalia-Lippe (Ostwestfalen-Lippe). The goal is to exchange information with other companies in the region and to publicly document our environmental responsibility.

Contact: Edelweisspress, Herford
Dr. Frank B. Müller
Fon: +49 5221 1265-20

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Caption 1: The one2four waste bin system is made from more than 80 per cent recycled plastic - and is “Blue Angel” (Blauer Engel) certified because its carbon footprint has been reduced by 50 %. Photo: Ninka
Caption 2: Ninka is one of the first signatories of the climate initiative launched last year by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Eastwestfalia-Lippe and will be carbon neutral by 2030. Image: IHK Ostwestfalen zu Bielefeld/IHK Lippe zu Detmold


Ninkaplast GmbH, or Ninka for short, specializes in plastic moulding and surface finishing. Founded in 1928, the owner-managed family business develops and produces injection-molded parts for the kitchen furniture industry and for many other branches of industry, such as solar, lighting and medical technology, household appliances, coffee machines, office furniture, retail systems and banking, with around 300 employees in Bad Salzuflen. As a kitchen furniture supplier, Ninka covers all areas from waste separation systems to pull-out and drawer organization and corner cabinet solutions. The company sells worldwide.

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