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INTERZUM Cologne, 21. – 24. May 2019

Secure software controls access: Lehmann develops software for central locking-plan management

Easy management with full security – these are the benefits of the new Lehmann management software (LMS). The Westphalian locking and locking-system specialist is presenting this modular and versatile solution for the first time at interzum 2019. The central locking-plan management software can provide a worthwhile and practical addition to the infrastructure of a facility-management system.

The new Lehmann management software not only provides the answer to granting and managing user rights for businesses of all sizes but also to configuring RFID systems. The Windows-based software efficiently creates and manages access authorisations. Switching between individual locking plans, which are called projects in the software, is quick and easy. It also comes with an assistant function for users. Asymmetric encryption ensures a high level of protection against unauthorised access.

The Lehmann management software is already compatible with all of the Westphalian company’s „MIFARE“ RFID systems. Soon it will also be possible to use it for configuring the „LEGIC“ applications. At the same time, the software can be used as a standalone, multiple workstation and network solution. It is also possible to grant several LMS users different authorisations, e.g. as administrator, or to distribute projects.

This means that hierarchy levels can be set up, and not everything must necessarily be configured from one point. The software also provides group functions with several levels for managing user authorisations and locks. Equally as user-friendly are the integrated functions for enhancing work efficiency, such as for „Automatic Unlocking“, „Automatic Locking“ or granting temporary authorisation, e.g. for seasonal staff.

A USB desktop reader and the „Lehmann Data Transfer“ app are needed for programming RFID systems. The „Lehmann Data Transfer“ app developed by the Westphalian company provides the capability of transferring data to the locks via NFC.

The Lehmann management software is clearly structured and intuitive in terms of use. Either in matrix or list form, the administrator can instantly see which lock a transponder is allowed to open and which person a transponder has been assigned to. Authorisations can also be granted and withdrawn again with a few simple clicks of the mouse. The number of locks or transponders that can be managed with the software is virtually unlimited. As an option, activities on the RFID system can also be logged. Lost transponders can be quickly disabled and new ones created.

Developing the Lehmann management software, the Westphalian company offers a simple yet practical system for managing locking plans. Not only highly versatile and adaptable to suit any application, it also gives the user a high level of security. LMS is a software tool that will permit secure and smart management for locking systems in the future too.

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Caption: The Lehmann management software (LMS) offers a simple way of managing locking plans while at the same time ensuring full security. Photo: Lehmann


The family owned business LEHMANN in Minden/Westphalia is one of the of European leaders for mechanical and electronic locking systems for furniture and more. The range of applications extends from office and commercial furnishings, lockers and safe deposit boxes, shopfitting and interior furnishing, laboratory, warehouse and factory equipment, caravan and boat building up to vending machines. Two modern plants with own research and product development as well as tool and mould construction, foundry, plastic injection moulding and electroplating form the basis for innovation and quality of the products. Around 340 employees worldwide ensure customer satisfaction and delivery reliability. In addition Lehmann actively markets individual steps in its supply chain as industrial services.

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