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EuroShop, Dusseldorf, 16 to 20 February 2020

Genuine metal and magnetic attraction: Homapal launches a new overall collection at Euroshop

Over the years, hardly any other material has proven its worth in interior and, in particular shop design, to the extent in which the laminate has done. Look, feel and function provide architects and planners, carpenters and joiners the creative basis for individually tailored and consistently defined interior design concepts. Launching a new collection at Euroshop from 16 to 20 February 2020 in Dusseldorf, Homapal once again concentrates on what the name signifies: exclusive and, in some cases, hand-made genuine-metal laminates as well as multifunctional magnetic boards.

Together with their unique range of colours and stunning lustre, the metals come with a feel that is truly exceptional – an unbeatable combination that is hard to imitate and, particularly in shop fitting, can help to boost brand awareness. Homapal uses foils of aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel. A special embossing technique gives the surfaces their unique texturing. In the manufacturing process, some of the metal decors are even finished by hand.

Following intensive development work, the company is now showcasing an overall collection that has been updated throughout. It gives Homapal customers planning certainty for coming years. The new collection follows the trends, includes various shades of copper and brass, attaches huge importance to the sense or touch with unusual textures.

Bringing together colour, lustre and feel

Coming in four different surface finishes, „Antique“ sees itself as a hand-crafted line in which Homapal carefully works real metal foils. The „used look“ creates a feel of excitement and suspense that not only gives interior design vibrant impetus but is also equally suited to creating a workshop atmosphere as it is modern loft character. In line with this remit, Homapal has developed some entirely new decors but also modified familiar ones.

„Moon“ features shiny or muted copper, brass or the oxidised looking combination of copper and turquoise under a surface that appears blemished.

In the interplay with the „Diamond Antique“ surface, copper and brass experience a contrast between gentle colour gradients and a clear linearity. Under the diagonal and regular rhomboid structure, the two skilfully finished metals are perfect for a playful combination of light, form and colour in the ambience of exclusive applications.

Graphically reduced with understated elegance is the look of the „Sapphire“ decors „Anthracite“, „Champagnetone“, „Rosegold“, „Bronzetone“ and „Oxygreen“ from the „Antique“ line. With their vibrantly shining light-to-dark gradations, they understand the interplay of light and shadow; their intricately elaborated and restrained structure of very fine lines implies what they are made for: for modern interior design to suit exquisite taste.

Vibrant and warm or cool and shiny. Rustic in industrial style, matt in used look or elegant with graphic patterning. In terms of look, the Homapal metal decors range from classic to modern, from exquisite to vintage, from coarse to delicate. Besides all of the technical benefits, it is primarily the visual aspect that captivates.

Metal surfaces from Homopal are flame-retardant in accordance with IMO resolution MSC.307(88) – (FTP Code 2010) Annex 1, Part 2*, Part 5 (*=not applicable) and classified under DIN EN 13501-1:2010-01 as B-s1, d0. The decors have been tested for formaldehyde emission in accordance with DIN 717-1 and, where detectable at all, fall below the limit value defined in the German Chemicals Ordinance (Chemikalienverordnung) and the guide value set by the German Federal Health Agency (BGA) for indoor spaces.

Great attraction for presentation flexibility

Creating a symbiosis of functionality and design, Homapal magnetic boards provide a second focus within the new overall collection. Thanks to an iron foil integrated in the laminate, they also reliably hold large documents, plans, drawings and posters, heavier-type magnetic racks or modular system rails and storage surfaces.

Depending on surface and decor, the magnetic boards combine a variety of functions. Some can be used as a projection screen, others can be written on with standard board markers and wiped clean without a trace using a dry cotton or micro-fibre cloth. The black and greenboard surfaces commonly used in schools can be written on with chalk.

Extremely high magnetic holding power in conjunction with write-on surfaces in a wide range of basic and fashionable colours opens up a wealth of applications. Homapal magnetic boards make the ideal choice wherever flexibility is needed for affixing items or written information and then removing them again without a trace: in shop fitting, decorating shop windows, for displays and information boards, on office furniture, in training and seminar rooms.

A new chapter: Homapal goes horizontal

Whereas Homapal laminates have so far been limited to vertical application only, the manufacturer is, for the first time, presenting an extremely scratch-resistant matt surface with anti-fingerprint finish at Euroshop 2020 which is suitable for horizontal use on work surfaces, desks and counters. Presenting a new chapter in the overall collection, „SRM – Scratch-Resistant Matt“, as it is called, is featured on selected aluminium, copper and brass decors in various textures and colours as well as on magnetic boards in plain colours.

Images in high resolution

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Caption 1: It has always been the genuine-metal laminates and magnetic boards that are closely associated with the Homapal name. Behind the scenes at Herzberg, very many more variations of this modern material are created and produced. Following intensive development work, the company is now presenting an updated collection at Euroshop 2020. Photo: Homapal

Caption 2: The "Lava" surface finish from Homapal brings a warm lustre to the ceiling of the "Relax Zone" at Siemens in Sofia/Bulgaria. Architect: Arxitek, Sofia

Caption 3: Horizontal lines in the midway section: Homapal decor "451 Aluminium Brushed Bronzetone" underscores this kitchen's industrial style. Photo: Homapal
Caption 4: "636/502 Copper Moon Dark": this is muted copper beneath a surface that appears blemished. The "used look" creates a feel of excitement and suspense that not only gives interior design vibrant impetus but is also equally suited to creating a workshop atmosphere as it is modern loft character. Photo: Homapal

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