Kesseböhmer: New “Arena” tray designs

Kesseböhmer is known for a product portfolio that includes a wide and varied range of tray designs for storage fittings. From simple wire baskets to the high-end “Arena” glass railing, the German fittings specialist offers something for every taste, every … » weiterlesen

Kesseböhmer focuses on doors

When is a door more than just a door? Think of your fridge; the most convenient place to store things is in the door where you can reach everything the moment it’s open. This is the thinking behind the new … » weiterlesen

Kesseböhmer: Differentiation made easy

With Kesseböhmer’s “Tandem solo” storage fitting, opening the door automatically draws the fitting and all the contents out in front of the cabinet. Users get a full view from three sides and easy access to all the contents. At the … » weiterlesen

D-Beschlag: Furniture supplier with double the expertise

With approximately 125 employees, D-Beschlag develops, manufactures and distributes decorative fittings and lighting solutions along with their control systems for the furniture and interior design industry. The company, established in 1992 in Luckenwalde, close to Berlin, Germany, has established itself … » weiterlesen